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Medical expertise in Malaysia ranks among the best in the world and most private hospitals in the country have internationally recognized quality and standards. These include the MS ISO9002 or accreditation by the Malaysian Medical Society for Quality of Health (MSQH). All private medical centers must be approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Malaysia’s growing reputation as a preferred health and medical destination sees it welcoming visitors from around the world seeking curing remedies for a range of medical needs. These include both critical health services as well as cosmetic and remedial care.

There is a plethora of state-of-the-art, well-equipped and well-staffed private medical centres. Medical specialists are also highly qualified professionals with extensive international qualifications and are supported by well-trained para-medical staff.

Most private hospitals in Malaysia offer accommodation ranging from comfortable to luxurious, including private rooms and suites. Meals are included and rates vary depending on the level of service required as some establishment offer personal butlers or full-time private nurses. Sleep-in facilities can also be easily provided for traveling companions and again, given Malaysia’s relative low costs yet high standards of living, long–term stays are an acceptable option.

But perhaps the best thing about undergoing medical attention in Malaysia, especially for less critical care cases, must be the recuperation period. Malaysia offers a winning combination of excellent healthcare services and truly relaxing holidays. Patients have the opportunity to enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities during their recuperation and convalescence. Visits can be made to Malaysia’s beautiful beaches especially since some medical centers are located at popular beach or tourist locations. Indeed, for most patients, taking in a bit of sightseeing or going on a shopping spree could stimulate a quicker recovery!

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