Treasured Malaysian Legends

Malaysia is home to many natural wonders, which are wreathed in legends. From popular island getaways to tranquil lakes and awe-inspiring mountains, there are fascinating stories behind them all.

Be enthralled by these mystifying tales, which have been told and retold over the years from one generation to the next. Rich in adventure and sagas about fairies, heroes, magic curses and heavenly celestial beings, these legends are fascinating to all. Interesting characters, some heroic, others destructive make these legends most engaging. You will be drawn into their stories, believed to have unfolded hundreds of years ago at various locations in Malaysia.

This popular collection of treasured Malaysian legends will be of interest to those who are fascinated by legends adventure and magical stories. These enchanting tales have many local variations.

Langkawi's Legendary Brawl

In the heart of Langkawi island sit two prominent mountains called Gunung Raya and Gunung Mat Cincang. And seeming to separate the two is a thirds mount called Bukit Sawar. Local legend believed the three were actually local giants by the names of Mat Raya, Mat Cincang and Mat Sawar...Read full article

Magical Lake of Pregnant Maiden

A prominent Langkawi legend is a story of pregnant maiden or Dayang Bunting. The legend is intricately intertwined with the amorous exploit of Mat Teja, a male genie and Mambang Sari, a beautiful female spirit...Read full article

The Seven Magical Wells

Telaga Tujuh or Seven Wells Waterfall is a unique natural formation of seven pools with one pool cascading on top of the other, to a height of over 90 meters. If you are looking for a great selection of places to stay with discount prices, visit Langkawi Hotel for more information. Read full article

The Legend of Mahsuri

The famous legend to emerge from Langkawi island is of Mahsuri, a ravishing maiden who lived over 400 years ago. This story reveals how an island was plagued by misfortune. Many believe Mahsuri’s curse had befallen the island...Read full article

Mystical Cave of Stories

Gua Cerita or Cave of Stories is a cavern alive with captivating legends. The most famous is the one concerning the origin of Kedah’s royal lineage as related in Epic of Merong Maha Wangsa or Hikayat Merong Maha Wangsa...Read full article

Kedah's Legendary Fanged King

This tale is about a Raja or king named Ong Maha Prita Doria in the state of Langkasuka (Today's Kedah). Read the enthralling story about how he got addicted to human blood and got named as Raja Bersiong or Fanged King. Until today the wild boars are found in the surrounding Jungle with fangs in their mouths...Read full article

Sri Rambai, The Magical Cannon

Fort Cornwallis was built in 1786 to commemorate the site of Sir Francis Light’s historical arrival in Penang. Sir Francis Light was a prominent captain in British Imperial Navy. Erected between 1808 and 1810, Fort Cornwallis holds numerous cannons among which Sri Rambai, a brass cannon with an intriguing history...Read full article

The Mysterious Giant Footprint

The legend of Big Foot has long been recounted in the state of Penang. In Batu Maung, a fishing village near the south end of the island there is a rock with a large footprint that many believe belongs to Bigfoot. Nevertheless, the origin of this 33-ince long footprint has never been determined and is steeped in myth and folklore...Read full article

The Adventures of The Singing Sea Captain

In the early days, Malay seafarers were renowned for their adventures on the high seas. Great sailors, these virile young men sailed through uncharted territories to build their empires. One such man was Nakhoda Ragam, a Nakhoda or sea captain famed for his sea exploits around the Malay Archipelago. Well known for his musical abilities Nakhoda Ragam was often seen playing his set of musical instruments on his ship hence the nickname “Singing Captain...Read full article

Perak Royalty Rituals

Read the legend behind the State of Perak bearing the title of Raja Muda (Heir Apparent) instead of Tengku Mahkota (Crown Prince) because the royal crown is in the possession of the great genie, Sri Mahkota Si Raja Jinn. How the event marks the historic site for all Mudzaffar Shah the eldest son of the last Sultan of Malacca, descendants ever since. Newly elected Sultan of Perak is obligated to pay homage to the very place after being crowned...Read full article

The Fairy Princess Of Gunung Ledang

The Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir) legend tells the tale of the vain Sultan Mansur Shah of Melacca, who whished to marry a woman superior to the wives of any other prince in the world. Obsessed with this notion the Sultan decided to ask for the hand of fairy princess of Gunung Ledang...Read full article

Colonial Period Styles

The architectural styles of the different colonial powers are used in many buildings built between 1511 and 1957. Located in Melaka Town, the Stadthuys with its heavy wooden doors, thick red walls and wrought-iron hinges is the most imposing relic of the Dutch period in Melaka. It is a fine example of Dutch masonry and woodworking skills. Built between 1641 and 1660 it is believed to be the oldest building in the East...Read full article

The Legend of Princess Sa'adong

Located 12.5 miles east of Kota Bharu, the cave at Bukit Marak contains remnants of Princess Sa'adong belongings, chambers deemed to be her bedrooms and even her footsteps. To experience the grandeur of past Kelantanese royalty, pay a visit to Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace) also known as the Museum of Royal Traditions and Customs...Read full article

The Dragon Of Lake Chini

Located 60 miles away from Kuantan, Lake Chini is a humbling place, offering numerous inspirations to its visitors. Its refreshingly lush background is home to exotic equatorial flora and fauna that will astound and educate. The true enchantment of Lake Chini lies in the secrets lurking beneath its surface...Read full article

The Mysterious Jugra Lighthouse

Jugra Hill or Bukit Jugra offers a panoramic view of a horizon that overlooks mountainous divides and stretches beyond the straits of Malacca. This hill with its spectacular landscape is also the home to the great Sri Jugra Lighthouse...Read full article

The Kinabalu Dragon’s Gem

The majestic Mount Kinabalu, rising from the mist with its rugged terrain and rich biodiversity has always been a significant feature in the lives and legends of the early KadazanDusun. The most famous legend to emerge from this community is of the Kinabalu dragon that possessed a Butiza or luminous jewel that he used as a toy. It is said that on moonlit nights people could see this bright gem being tossed again and again on the dragon’s forked tongue...Read full article

Legend of Perhentian Island

In ancient times there was an enormous and powerful dragon called Naga Pulau Berjuang residing in Tanjung Basi of Perhentian Besar Island. One day, as he was basking at the highest point of isle, another male dragon suddenly attacked his beloved island. The other dragons severe assaults were threatening to sink the island. All ablazed, Naga Pulau Berjuang swiftly descended upon his annoying rival..Read full article

Legend of Kota Gelanggi Cave

Not to be confused with the lost city of Kota Gelanggi in Johor, Kota Gelanggi Cave in Pahang Is 150 million-year-old, Cave complex alive with unique flora, fauna and magnificent rock formations. From the several hundred caverns, few are accessible and frequented. As with most ancient spots Kota Gelanggi cave is also shrouded with fascinating legends Read full article

Monsopaid the Legendary Warrior

Long ago, Kizabon, the daughter of the Kuai Village’s headman, was blessed with a baby boy named Monsopaid. During her pregnancy her husband, Dunggou, realized a sacred Bugang bird had nested and laid eggs on the roof of their house. Such a good omen was the sign that their son would possess extraordinary abilities. Read full article

The Isle of The Sleeping Dragon

Tioman Island, located 32 kilometers off the eastern peninsula’s coast, is more than a charming sun-drenched retreat. It possesses an enchanting local legend that claims the island as the manifestation of a forlorn dragon princess. Read full article

The Tragic Tale of a Turtle Stone

Legend has it, there once lives a loving turtle couple that would always roam and play together. One day, while they were together near the mystical sea called the Banjaran Sari, they got lost and decided to ask the local puffer fish about where they were. She told them that they were in the water of Rantau Abang. She also told them about an incredibly beautiful location nearby…Read full article

The Kind Princess at Princess Hill

The name Bukit Puteri or Princess Hill, located at the mouth of Terengganu river, has many fascinating origins. Many claim that the hill was named after the Bunian (forest elf) that used to reside there. Read full article

The Tragic Tales of Buaya Sangkut & Upeh Guling

The legend of Buaya Sangkut & Upeh Guling are about two breathtaking waterfalls located along the main river that forms the backbone of the Endau-Rompin State Park. The Upeg Guling waterfall located midway to Buaya Sangkut waterfall, has a series of whirlpools formed by ancient volcanic rocks, supposed to be the oldest existing landmark in Malaysia. Read full article

The Legend of Princess Santubong

In the past, local legend recounts of two beautiful mythical sisters, Princess Santubong and Princess Sejinjang, from a magnificent and idyllic mystical kingdom called Kayangan. The princesses we sent to earth to restore peace between the neighboring villages of Pasir Kuning and Pasir Putih, with a strict condition – they must never quarrel with each other. Read full article

The Intriguing Tales of Melawati Hill

Melawati Hill or Bukit Melawati has a colorful past that is steeped in history and preserved by time. During the reign of Sultan Ibrahim, the second sultan of Selangor, a fort was built on this very hill to defend the state against the Dutch invasion. Nevertheless, in1784 a brutal was ensued and the Dutch conquered Kuala Selangor and with it Melawati Hill. Read full article

The Fury of Laksamana Bentan

Laksamana or Admiral Bentan was a fearless warrior that served under sultan Mahmud Shah II of Johor who resided in the town of Kota Tinggi. Legend has it that brave laksamana was order to put an end to a mounting rebellion in the territory of Haru and Jambi. Although a loyal servant, Laksamana Betan hesitated because he was worried about leaving his Preganant wife, Wan Anun alone.. Read full article

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