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Malaysia is a veritable land of festivals, holidays and celebrations. The major festivals of its ethnic racial communities are celebrated to mark important events or days in their religious calendars. Most of them are colorful occasions when centuries- old traditional Customs are still observed.

Prior to major festivals there is usually a feverish burst of activity as people from the urban centres make the annual exodus to their hometowns while in individual homes earnest preparations are made in anticipation of the auspicious day. Getting the house in order with extensive home spring cleaning and decorations, shopping for new clothes, festival delicacies and stocking ample food is the norm.

The holding of ‘open house’ by the different communities during the festivals is a heart warming feature unique to Malaysian society. Such gatherings foster goodwill and provide the opportunity to renew social ties in a convivial atmosphere with the hosts usually feting their guests to a generous spread of food and drinks.

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