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In Malaysia, introductions are normally acknowledged with a handshake. In the Muslim Culture, handshakes are generally exchanged between people of the same gender. Some Muslim ladies may acknowledge an introduction to a gentleman with a nod of her head and a smile. A handshake can be reciprocated if the lady offers her hand first to a man.

Addressing a Malay men and women is done by their first names. For instance, Amirul bin Yusof should be addressed as Mr Amirul and not Mr Yusof as the latter is his father’s name. Chia Wei Li can be addressed as Ms Chia. Anand Ravindran should be addressed as Mr Anand. Sometimes, names are preceded by the terms Encik, Puan or Cik. These are Malay terms for Mr, Mrs and Miss, respectively.

Titles are conferred to many Malaysians by the Malaysian Government. Among these titles are Tun, Tan Sri, Dato and Datuk. It is appropriate to address them by their titles.

Social Visits, before visiting a home, it is polite to call and inform of one’s arrival. Shoes must always be removed when entering a Malaysian home. Drinks are generally offered to guests. It would be polite to accept.

Gestures, right hand is always used when eating with one’s fingers or when giving and receiving objects. The right forefinger is not used to point at places, objects or persons. Instead the thumb of the right hand with the four fingers folded under is the preferred usage.

Conduct, public behavior is especially important in Malaysian Culture. Most Malaysians refrain from displaying affection ( i.e embracing or kissing) in public.

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